H.View 5Mp 8Mp 4K IP Camera POE Ai Face Detection Cctv Security Cameras H.265 Outdoor

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H.VIEW 5MP/8MP 4K Spotlight Security Camera with Smart AI Detection

4K Ultra HD, Better in Details

4K Ultra HD Resolution Show Higher-Quality Images, for both day and night vision, you can get exactly the details you need.

Support Face Detection

Detect and record faces without missing every detail. This function only supports H.VIEW PoE NVR with face detection.

Light Alarm when Person Detection is Triggered

Once an intruder is detected, the camera's spotlight will be triggered to warn potential criminals. And push alarms to your mobile device and email.

Clear Night Vision with Color

Night vision has been greatly improved with eight powerful spotlights and infrared LEDs. You can view clear details in full color and get your home well protected day and night.

Customizable Motion Detection Events

You can create a variety of motion detection settings for the camera, including Person detection, line crossing detection, intrusion detection and area-specific detection.

Avoid 99.5% False Alarm

AI Person Detection is Different from traditional PIR or motion detection. Built-in updated sensor will only detect human movement, won't be triggered by leaves, animals or insects.

Easy Plug-and-Play connection, one Way Audio

With a Plug-and-Play reliable connection, this PoE camera uses a single Ethernet cable to transmit both data and power. With the built-in microphone, it can make preview and playback with sounds.

When you use the camera alone, please refer to the following link


More video, Less storage

H.VIEW H.265 compression reduces storage and bandwidth by up to 50% over traditional H.264 compression.

Ready for Anywhere, Indoor and Outdoor

Outdoor and indoor ip camera with an IP66 waterproof rating. So you can feel free to install it outdoor, like in your garage, backyard, or anywhere else. It can stand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, intense cold and heat.

Remote Access Anytime, Anywhere

Support multiple online viewing, No matter where you are, you can Through mobile APP remotely access the camera to see.


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