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PLUTO+ SDR Transceiver Radio 70MHz-6GHz Software Defined Radio For Gigabit Ethernet Micro SD Card Production Description: PLUTO+ is a software-defined radio platform that supports 2TX and 2RX, supports Gigabit Ethernet and Micro SD card. It refers to the design for well-known ADI...
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Package List: 1. ANTSDR E310 x1 Accessory(w/o accessory is not including below list) 1. Aluminum Case (Installed) 2. Micro USB cable 3pcs 3. 16GB Micro SD Storage card 1pcs 4. Card Reader 5. Multi-band 4G/3G/2G Monopole Antenna 3pcs
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1 Using XC7Z020-2CLG400I chip 7z020-2I; 2 The AD9363 chip is configured as the AD9361 chip, the frequency range is 70MHz~6GHz, and the maximum sampling rate is 61.44MHz. As a result, the laboratory test shows that it is significantly different from the AD9361; 3 PS 1GB DDR3 32bit bit width,...
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